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COVID-19 shut the whole world down, including kNEEBU and just like many other small businesses, we thought we may not be able to survive the pandemic. But the love from our customers and our service providers made us stronger and helped us think how we can best support our global community!

kNEEBU 2.0 is rising like a Phoenix from the ashes and we are calling it… NIBU

kNEEBU LLC has temporarily suspended the use of its “kNEEBU” and “kNEEBU-Provider” apps and launching a whole new set of COVID-resistant apps called “NIBU” and NIBU-Provider”. Our initial focus is on essential services, some of which will be virtual. Access to education is a challenge across the globe. So, we are introducing Virtual Tutors from all over the world, who can teach subjects like Math, Biology, Coding and Web Design. Please visit our services page to see all service categories as we will continue to update it.

If you are looking for a Service Provider (like a Virtual Tutor, a Mover, or a House Cleaner), simply download our NIBU app to see their availability, rates and other details. Book an appointment instantly or chat with them to get more info before booking!

You can also sign-up as a service provider via our NIBU-Provider app, and offer your services to customers within your community or on the other side of the planet!

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 Safe & Easy Payments

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We offer services on-demand or whenever it’s convenient for you. You can initiate service request with a Provider based on customer ratings, hourly rate, availability, etc. Once the Provider accepts your request, instantly connect with the Provider via live chat or book an appointment instantly. For virtual tutoring services, you can schedule and join video conference sessions right from our app.

Track in real-time, when the Provider starts and ends the service. Approve the final invoice, tip the provider (if you liked the service provider) and share reviews instantly upon completion of service, in only a couple of clicks.

Payments are processed safely and securely through PayPal.

When kNEEBU Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Looking to acquire new skills? Busy with work – Need tutors for your kids?

We are working on building a network of tutors worldwide, who can teach you or your kids remotely, from the comfort of your home, just with a few clicks. Download our “NIBU” app to start learning today. You can also hire local Movers and House Cleaners instantly via the “NIBU” app.

Did you lose your job during COVID? Looking to make some money?

Whether you are looking for a job on the side or a full-time gig – check out our Services page to see if you have the skills needed to sign up as one of our service providers. You can sign-up as a Service Provider directly through our “NIBU-Provider” app.

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