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Home nursing and healthcare, repairs and renovations, cooking and cleaning, even babysitting and tutoring — kNEEBU connects you with the best service providers within your community.

We run the background checks and share reviews from other users. You will know upfront if the provider is available, their hourly rate and their contact info!

You simply click to get the services you need, On DEMAND. You can also sign-up as a service provider and HELP others in your COMMUNITY, while you EARN extra income on the side.


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 Safe & Easy Payments

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We offer services on-demand. You can initiate service request with a Provider based on customer ratings, hourly rate, and proximity to your location. Once the Provider accepts your request, instantly connect with the Provider via live chat or phone call to discuss additional details.

Track in real-time, when the Provider starts and ends the service. Approve the final invoice, tip the provider and share reviews instantly upon completion of service, in only a couple of clicks.

Payments are processed safely and securely through Stripe, Inc.

ONE App for ALL Your Service Needs!

Simple Innovation!

No need to install one app for home repair, another one for caregivers or cleaning service, a separate app for dog walkers, and yet another one for assembling your furniture or to find movers. “kNEEBU” app offers all of the above and more!

Interested in earning in your spare time? Need a job on the side? Get paid if you are skilled / experienced in one or more categories. Whether its taking pictures, or decorating, or any of the other 40+ job categories listed here, you can sign-up as a Provider directly through our “kNEEBU-Provider” app.

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