A mother’s job is never done. Mother knows best. Being a mother is the world’s hardest job. There’s a reason these clichés stick – life doesn’t work well without Mom.

There are 85 million mothers in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As for working outside the home or staying at home, it’s nearly a 50/50 split.

In addition to kissing boo-boos, changing diapers, making lunches, cleaning, and getting ignored by their tweens, Moms also volunteer at school, cart their kids around, make dinner, put their partners ahead of themselves, run household, and work outside the home.

In fact, a Pew Research Center survey found that 43% of decisions made at home are made by women, with 26% of decisions made by men and 31% made by couples.

When a child is sick (even as an adult), they don’t call Dad. They call Mom because Mom fixes everything.

Truth: Moms are busy. Tired. Overworked.
Truth: They need help.
Truth: Moms often sacrifice their own needs to put their families first.

Pssst, Moms need help. It Takes a Village, remember?

While we probably can’t afford to hire her a personal assistant, we can open her phone and download an app that gives her easy access to many of the services she needs to run her family.

Once in kNEEBU, Mom can find everything with just a scroll of her finger — all while she waits in the car line to pick up the kids and simultaneously writes an email to her boss.

The developers of the kNEEBU app made it simple for everyone: Create a community of referrals for all the services you may need but don’t really have time to find, including an easy way to schedule and allow consumers to get it done on the go. Users get to pick whomever they want to hire based on ratings and then live chat or call the service provider – while the service provider gains business through trust and top-notch customer service. And for people who provide those services everyone needs – like babysitters, plumbers, movers, electricians and simple construction projects – they can also join kNEEBU to promote their businesses.

Parenting Magazine published information about a survey done by the American Sociological Review that found working moms are multitasking more than working dads. In fact, moms spend on average 10 more hours a week doing household chores like laundry, helping with homework, and even just talking with their kids.

The study found that 52.7% of working mothers multitask (at home doing housework) whereas 42.2% of working fathers multitask (at home most likely taking a work call). And 35.5% of moms multitask involving childcare whereas only 27.9% of fathers do the same.

Truth: If Mom can book a sitter (who has had a background check) on her phone, it may just bring a tear – of joy — to her eye.Truth: No Mom enjoys multitasking or doing household chores, especially when the rest of the family isn’t holding their own.

Truth: Mom would much rather have someone to help so she can spend QT with her family – and not feel frazzled trying to get everything done.

Motherly.com reported that between work and home and kids and life, Moms work 100 hours a week. Um… no wonder they are so tired!

Monday rolls around and the garbage disposal breaks as lunches are being packed, teeth are being brushed, and kids are avoiding putting on their shoes. Mom is on her way out the door and won’t be home again until after 5 p.m. She doesn’t have time to stop her day to watch YouTube videos on how to fix it herself. Heck, she doesn’t even know where the toolbox is in the garage. Kids get dropped at school. And while she waits at the coffee drive-thru picking up an order for her entire team, she opens kNEEBU to see who can help her. After reading referrals and seeing that another mom from the PTO wrote a positive review, she’s able to schedule an appointment for Tuesday, first thing. Coffee’s up, her boss is calling and her day is well under way.

Or maybe there’s another way to tackle this household issue: Have Dad put kNEEBU on his phone.

Friday just after 5 p.m. and the sitter calls Mom to say the dishwasher is making a loud banging noise and water is on the floor. Mom texts Dad to let him know what is going on; she’s volunteering at school and just needs him to handle it. Dad promises he will and opens the kNEEBU app during a conference call. Silently and efficiently, he is able to book a repair man on-demand, to come to the house right away – and while he’s in there he reads great reviews about a new cleaning company in town, which is also available. To surprise Mom, he takes care of the broken dishwasher and the mess that it created, before Mom got back home from her volunteer work at school. She will be thrilled to come home to a clean house and a functional dishwasher.

Truth: Managing the family is a full-time gig but shouldn’t take away from family time. Good thing the kNEEBU app can help!