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Re-Building Connected Communities!

Our Mission:

kNEEBU’s mission is to re-build more connected communities where people within the community can help each other with all of their service needs. In an era where most people don’t know their next door neighbors, kNEEBU enables people living within the same community to connect with each other and help each other by leveraging each other’s skills & expertise, while they also earn from their services offered.

Our Vision:

  • To build a Human Network of service providers across the globe, for all commonly used services, so anyone can easily hire a local provider, On DEMAND!
  • To allow individuals to EARN and make a living by monetizing their skills, experience and expertise!

Our Approach:

kNEEBU was launched in the Greater Chicago Area in October 2018, with over 40 categories of services. Our goal is to raise awareness about kNEEBU across the Chicagoland Area, and simplify the lives of almost 10 million residents, who continue to struggle for something as basic as getting their home cleaned for an affordable price, while someone else in that same neighborhood is willing to EARN extra cash by cleaning people’s houses at a very affordable price, but struggles to find a single customer!

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