Raise Your Hand if You Want To Avoid Snow Shoveling Duty This Winter!

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With winter just around the corner, are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Snowshoes, snowballs, snow angels, snow… shovels? For most people, that last one is more like a nightmare. And if you live in the Windy City, where there’s no shortage of snow, the thought of shoveling your driveway and sidewalks repeatedly throughout the winter likely gives you the shivers.

November in the Midwest means snow could come any day. Are your shovels ready? Have you found matching gloves? Hat? Scarf? Don’t forget your boots and some thick socks. Hopefully, you remember where you stuffed at all that gear away last spring. Just the thought of digging it all out for a few hours of hard work sounds exhausting.

Snowing is for skiing, quiet evenings in front of a fire, snow days, and sledding. No one wants to schlep several feet of the white stuff to the side just to get out of your driveway and off to work on time. And don’t forget about salting your walkways too, so your neighbors don’t slip!

You’ll want to start researching a snow plow company right now and cross that chore off your list before the holiday hustle kicks into full gear. You need someone that shows up on the snowiest days, so you don’t ever have to get wet, cold, or slippery, but how can you find a trusted professional fast? Save yourself time and energy, and use the kNEEBU app to find the right professional in a snap. The kNEEBU app is free, and allows you to find and refer the top service providers in your area. You know, someone who won’t ruin your lawn or pile snow up on your trees and kill the bottom branches.
kNEEBU consumers get what they need done quickly and on-the-go. Users have the opportunity to hire based on ratings from their own neighbors and friends, and then live-chat or call the service provider. And once you find someone you like, you can easily tell your friends on the kNEEBU app. Just think: no more soggy socks! No more coaxing your kids to help! No more frozen faces! And even more important, no chance of having a heart attack while doing the strenuous work.

Harvard Health Publishing reported that about 100 men die each year in the United States from shoveling snow. Additionally, researchers in Canada tracked heart attacks that occurred the day after snow fall from 1981-2014. During that time, there were more than 128,000 hospital admissions and more than 68,000 deaths directly linked to shoveling. The study also showed that the deeper the snow, the more heart attacks increased. Snowfall more than eight inches showed a 16 percent rise in hospital admissions and a 34 percent rise in heart attacks. And the more the snow overall, the more the health concerns were found.

“Shoveling snow (or perhaps other means of snow removal, including pushing a heavy snow blower) can raise your heart rate and blood pressure more quickly and more dramatically than many other types of exercise,” noted researchers at Harvard Health Publishing.

The study also found that if you typically don’t exercise and still break out that shovel after a big snowfall, you’re even at higher risk. So why put yourself in danger?

In addition to keeping your heart safe, those cold winter days should be spend warm and cozy with family and friends, not straining to remove heavy snow from your driveway and sidewalk.

That’s why the developers of kNEEBU developed a digital community that helps neighbors refer and hire the best services providers in the area. And it’s not just for snow removal, either; kNEEBU includes home maintenance, house cleaning services, personal chefs, plumbers, electricians, anything you may need for your home … including snow plow companies.

Additionally, individuals and business owners who provide these key services join kNEEBU to promote their businesses. Right from the app, service providers can get connected with new business opportunities and build trust by earning rave reviews through top-notch customer service. The end result is the peace of mind that satisfied customers will return, and refer services to other customers in the area.

The kNEEBU app is a direct connection between consumers and businesses, a win-win for local customers and service providers. The opportunities are endless, and kNEEBU users are searching every day for the individuals and business who provide the much-needed services that make their lives easier. Download the kNEEBU-Provider app now for iOS or Android to search for that service provider who can help you today, or to become a provider for people searching for services in your area.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got an extra gift for you this holiday season. Use special promo code NOFEE1118, and skip the service fees now through November 30, 2018. Let’s keep winter wonderful this year, and leave the snow plowing to the experts.

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