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Simple Experience!

How many times have you tried to find help on websites or apps that only “list” the businesses in the matching category, even if they are not available to provide service for weeks. You may need someone ASAP, to come and fix a plumbing issue, or a bad furnace, but all you hear is that no one is available to come for the next few days or weeks. Usually, the more urgent your need is, the longer the wait time appears to be. Most of these websites and apps also ask you to provide a tedious description of what service you are looking for, only to find that you have to provide that same description all over again, when you get connected with someone on the phone. 

With “kNEEBU” app, it’s very SIMPLE – you know who is available to come right away, what is their hourly rate, proximity, customer reviews and you can chat or call them instantly – all in just a couple of clicks, without entering tedious descriptions of what you need. Also, kNEEBU allows YOU to pick the service provider, rather than assigning you one.

BYOB – Be Your Own BOSS!

Are you interested in:

  • Gaining Financial Self-Dependence
  • Earning Extra Income – Set Your Hourly Rate For Each Service You Offer;
  • Working Flexible Hours – Set Your Own Schedule;
  • Working Alongside Your Other Job – Based On Your Availability;

You can Sign-up for FREE by downloading our “kNEEBU-Provider” app on iOS & Android. Select one or more of the 40+ job categories and set your own hourly rate for each selected category. We cover the cost of your background screening, which takes 2-4 days, to give the households you serve more confidence to hire you. If everything checks out clear, you are ready to take service requests. Only kNEEBU allows you to connect instantly with your customer, via chat or phone, as soon as you accept a service request. Indicate when you begin and end your service through the app and get paid instantly when your job is completed.kNEEBU allows two-way rating so both you and your customer can leave reviews for each other.

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