How NIBU Works

How NIBU Works for Buyers

Using the NIBU app is simple – and FREE! Once you download it from the App Store or Play Store, you can explore available products right away.

Once you find the product you need, you can view its photos, price and customers ratings, among other things. If you are interested in buying, you can instantly send a “Buy Now” request to notify the seller (who we call “provider”) of your interest. The seller or “provider” gets notified right away, and as soon as they accept your request, you can easily live chat with the seller or call the seller via the app.

The seller will enter the final payment details, which will include the original price of the product, plus any shipping and handling charges, if applicable. Once the seller submits the final invoice, you will be notified so you can do the final checkout. You will be able to review the price of the product and any shipping and handling cost that the seller added.

You can now accept the final invoice to complete the checkout and make the payment. Your payment is made securely via PayPal and you can use your preferred method such as your email associated with your PayPal account or your credit / debit card as a payment method. The final receipt is made available to you in the app as well as via email.

The final step is crucial. We need you to rate your seller or “provider” to help us keep the NIBU community going! Your feedback will help other buyers in the community looking for similar products.

NIBU App for iOS
NIBU App for Android

How NIBU Works for Sellers (Farmers, Manufacturers, Small Businesses, Individual Sellers, etc.)

Our NIBU-Provider app is an easy way for any seller to connect with new buyers or customers, build lasting relationships with repeat customers, and market your product(s).

To start, go to the App Store or Play Store and download our free NIBU-Provider app. Build your profile as thoroughly as possible so your potential customers can see the price, photos, description of the product and anything else you would like your customers to know about the product.

If you have negotiated a fixed fee for your product with your customer, you will get a chance to edit the total amount on the final invoice screen, which you will send to each of your customer after they press the “Buy Now” button for your product.

Mark each of your product as available if you are ready to take orders. When you get a buy request, you can LIVE Chat with customers or call them directly via the app.

When you mark the product as “unavailable”, your potential customers can still connect with you by tapping on the “touch” button on their NIBU app and you can just “touch back” at any time convenient to you, to follow up with the customer.

Once you have accepted the buy request, you can edit the final invoice if you have negotiated any fixed fee with your customer and to add any shipping and handling fee, if applicable. Once you submit the invoice, your customer will get notified instantly to approve the final invoice and make payment.

And then boom! You’re paid right away!

Your final step is to rate the customer in the app … and get ready for your next buy request!

Download the iOS NIBU-Provider App
Download the Android NIBU-Provider App
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Download the iOS NIBU-Provider APP
Download the Android NIBU-Provider APP

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